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ODP.AACD - AA Child Development (online)

Program Code


Program Title

AA Child Development

Program Description

The Associate of Arts in Child Development provides students with founda-tional coursework in human development, education, and sociocultural contexts. Career possibilities include supervising infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children in day care centers, community-based programs such as the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club, and nonprofit early childhood programs such as church preschools.

Modality. Point University offers the A.A. in Child Development in Point Connect format, which features a live 2-hour videoconference each week. Apart from the video-conference, online students engage in asynchronous learning through a course website that facilitates interaction with their instructor and classmates throughout the week.

Learning Outcomes

Program Purpose and Student Learning Objectives

Purpose. The A.A. in Child Development prepares Christian men and women to provide developmentally-appropriate, Christ-centered care and nurturing to young children.

The A.A. in Child Development builds on Point University’s mission, values, and Core Curriculum (General Studies and Character Formation) to accomplish the following student learning objectives:

Objective 1:   Graduates articulate a basic knowledge of the proper growth and develop-ment principles as they apply to young children from birth through age 8.

Objective 2:  Graduates demonstrate key understandings in the basic care and nurturing of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children.

Objective 3:  Graduates respond appropriately to the needs expressed by families with young children who have diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Objective 4:  Graduates serve young children with developmentally-appropriate choices in nutrition, proper rest, movement, and other physical needs.

Objective 5:   Graduates provide developmentally-appropriate contexts for young chil-dren’s healthy social and emotional development.

Objective 6:  Graduates plan developmentally-appropriate activities and environments to promote young children’s cognitive development.

Recommended Course Sequence

Choosing a Character Core Track. Online students who continue past the associate degree to earn a baccalaureate degree must complete the 15-credit Character Core. The Character Formation courses listed above can fulfil Core requirements. Students must complete one course in each numbered category in sequence. In other words, they must complete one course labeled [1], and then one course labeled [2], and then one course labeled [3]. For details, see the “Character Core” described under the “Biblical Studies Department.”

Recommended Course Sequence. As online students prepare to enter their program, academic advisors prepare a customized course schedule, or “plan of study,” mapping out which courses students should complete in which sessions from start to graduation. These customized plans take into account degree requirements, transfer credits, pace of study, and other factors toward the goal of speeding students to the finish line in the shortest time possible.