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ODP.BSAM - BS Applied Ministry (CLC)

Program Code


Program Title

BS Applied Ministry

Program Description

Point University offers the Bachelor of Science in Applied Ministry in cooperation with church partners committed to educating the next generation of Christian leaders. The program equips students with a broad grounding in the arts and sciences, along with foundational preparation for effective service in church and ministry environments. It includes an extended ministry practicum under the mentorship of Point instructors and professional staff of partner churches. All courses in the program are intended for transfer.

Modality. Point University offers the B.S. in Applied Ministry in fully-online format, excluding the on-ground ministry practicum. Various church partners host the practicum components. Point Online students engage in asynchronous learning through a course website that facilitates interaction with their instructor and classmates.

Information and Additional Notes

Required Ministry Practicum. The B.S. in Applied Ministry also includes a required ministry practicum either as part of the A.A. in Applied Ministry, which forms the foundation for the B.S. program, or in place of certain General Electives in the B.S. degree. The practicum includes the following components:

Columbus (GA) Ministry Practicum—North Highland Church

MINI 105A   Columbus Ministry Practicum 1A                                           1.5

MINI 105B   Columbus Ministry Practicum 1B                                           1.5

MINI 105C   Columbus Ministry Practicum 1C                                            1.5

MINI 105D  Columbus Ministry Practicum 1D                                           1.5

MINI 205A  Columbus Ministry Practicum 2A                                           1.5

MINI 205B  Columbus Ministry Practicum 2B                                           1.5

MINI 205C  Columbus Ministry Practicum 2C                                           1.5

MINI 205D  Columbus Ministry Practicum 2D                                           1.5

In Columbus, the following 3rd- and 4th-year practicum courses are available as electives:

MINI 305A  Columbus Ministry Practicum 3A (1.5)

MINI 305B  Columbus Ministry Practicum 3B (1.5)

MINI 305C  Columbus Ministry Practicum 3C (1.5)

MINI 305D Columbus Ministry Practicum 3D (1.5)

MINI 405A  Columbus Ministry Practicum 4A (1.5)

MINI 405B  Columbus Ministry Practicum 4B (1.5)

MINI 405C  Columbus Ministry Practicum 4C (1.5)

MINI 405D Columbus Ministry Practicum 4D (1.5)

TOTAL CREDITS IN PRACTICUM:                                                                 12

Learning Outcomes

Program Purpose and Student Learning Objectives

Purpose. The Applied Ministry Major provides an undergraduate knowledge base, foundational skills, and practical experience for careers in church and ministry organizations.

The Applied Ministry Major builds on Point University’s mission, values, and Core Curriculum (General Studies and Character Core) to accomplish the following student learning objectives:

Use of scripture in ministry

Objective 1:   Students demonstrate awareness of the basic matters of critical introduction and historical background necessary to a proper understanding of the Old and New Testaments.

Objective 2:  Students apply appropriate methods of interpretation to the study, teaching, and preaching of the Old and New Testaments.

Foundational competencies for Christian ministry

Objective 3:  Students demonstrate an understanding of New Testament concepts of ministry and the application of those principles in ministry environments.

Objective 4:  Students demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of leading or serving in a ministry environment.

Objective 5:   Students assess and utilize people’s individual strengths to form teams to accomplish the goals of a particular ministry.

Objective 6:  Students apply the central theological themes of the Old and New Testaments to current issues for teaching and preaching.

Objective 7:   Students apply biblical principles of worship in planning meaningful worship experiences.

Objective 8:  Students demonstrate an understanding of counseling principles and techniques appropriate for ministry settings, including referral.

Objective 9:  Students demonstrate an understanding of accounting and financial principles pertinent to church ministry.

Objective 10: Students demonstrate foundational competencies for Christian ministry through a mentored ministry practicum.

Recommended Course Sequence

Choosing a Character Core Track. Students who complete all courses in the Theological Track graduate with a Biblical Studies Minor. If students want to combine elements of both tracks while meeting the program learning objectives, they must complete one course in each numbered category in sequence. In other words, they must complete one course labeled [1], and then one course labeled [2], and then one course labeled [3], and then one course labeled [4], and then one course labeled [5]. For details, see the “Character Core” described under the “Biblical Studies Department.”

Recommended Course Sequence. As online students prepare to enter their program, academic advisors prepare a customized course schedule, or “plan of study,” mapping out which courses students should complete in which sessions from start to graduation. These customized plans take into account degree requirements, transfer credits, pace of study, and other factors toward the goal of speeding students to the finish line in the shortest time possible.