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ODP.BSPS - BS Psychology (online)

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Program Title

BS Psychology

Program Description

The Psychology Major provides an undergraduate knowledge base and foundational skills for careers in academia, research, and various helping professions, such as behavioral health agencies, education, human resources, law enforcement, and social services. It also prepares students for graduate studies in Psychology and related fields. Coursework included in the Psychology Major aligns with the content areas of the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE) developed by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

Modality. Point University offers the B.S. in Psychology in fully-online format. Point Online students engage in asynchronous learning through a course website that facilitates interaction with their instructor and classmates.

Learning Outcomes

Program Purpose and Student Learning Objectives

Purpose. The Psychology Major provides an undergraduate knowledge base and founda-tional skills for careers in academia, research, and various helping professions.

The Psychology Major builds on Point University’s mission, values, and Core Curriculum (General Studies and Character Formation) to accomplish the following student learning objectives:

Theoretical foundation for psychology and related fields

Objective 1: Students explain major elements of the psychological, physiological, developmental, and spiritual make-up of human beings.

Objective 2: Students compare and contrast the varieties of theories and techniques employed in psychology, sociology, and counseling.

Objective 3: Students integrate psychological and sociological theory with biblical and theological insights. (Alongside the Psychology Major, the following interdisciplinary course from the General Education Core also supports this learning objective: THEO 405 Christ, Culture & Career.)

Objective 4: Students distinguish between healthy and unhealthy patterns in the life, work, and ethics of professional helpers.

Skills and professional attitudes pertinent to psychology and helping professions

Objective 5:   Students demonstrate an integration of personal strengths and the application of professional standards and principles for helpers.

Objective 6:  Students demonstrate effective listening and other basic counseling skills utilized in helping relationships.

Objective 7:   Students analyze and utilize scholarly research to explore contemporary issues in psychology, sociology, and related fields.

Recommended Course Sequence

Choosing a Character Core Track. Students who complete all courses in the Theological Track graduate with a Biblical Studies Minor. If students want to combine elements of both tracks while meeting the program learning objectives, they must complete one course in each numbered category in sequence. In other words, they must complete one course labeled [1], and then one course labeled [2], and then one course labeled [3], and then one course labeled [4], and then one course labeled [5]. For details, see the “Character Core” described under the “Biblical Studies Department.”

Recommended Course Sequence. As online students prepare to enter their program, academic advisors prepare a customized course schedule, or “plan of study,” mapping out which courses students should complete in which sessions from start to graduation. These customized plans take into account degree requirements, transfer credits, pace of study, and other factors toward the goal of speeding students to the finish line in the shortest time possible.

Special Considerations

Honors Program. The Honors Program of the Psychology & Counseling Department challenges students to attain a higher level of preparation, recognizes student productivity and achievement, and provides a vehicle for students to compete for admission to graduate schools. Students choose and complete the Honors Program through a combination of grade point average (GPA), internship(s), senior portfolio, senior interview, comprehensive examination, and final essay. The Honors Program is available in the Counseling & Human Services, Psychology, and Sociology with Social Work Specialization programs. Notation of the Honors Program appears on the graduate’s academic transcript. See a faculty advisor for the policies, requirements and procedures of the Honors Program.