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RDP.BAPS - BA Psychology (residential)

Program Code


Program Title

BA Psychology

Program Description

The B.A. in Psychology program provides an undergraduate knowledge base for careers in academia and research. It prepares students for graduate studies in associ-ated fields that require studies in Psychology and related disciplines. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) version of the Psychology program includes a foreign language requirement while the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) version does not.

Modality. Point University offers the B.A. in Psychology in on-ground format at its main campus in West Point, Georgia. An online "course companion" includes a grade-book and supplementary materials. Point also offers a fully-online version of the B.S. in Psychology program.

Learning Outcomes

Program Purpose and Student Learning Objectives

Purpose. The purpose of the B.A. in Psychology program is to provide a knowledge base for careers in academia and research and to prepare students for graduate studies in associated fields.

The Psychology Major builds on Point University’s mission, values, and Core Curriculum (General Studies and Character Formation) to accomplish the following student learning objectives:

Objective 1: Compare and contrast the varieties of theories, issues, and techniques in psychology.

Objective 2: Explain the intricacies of the psychological, physiological, developmental, and spiritual makeup of human beings.

Objective 3: Communicate knowledge and comprehension of psychology in written and verbal media.

Objective 4: Integrate psychological theory and theology.

Objective 5: Pursue advanced studies in graduate school.

Recommended Course Sequence

Honors Program. The Honors Program of the Psychology & Counseling Department challenges students to attain a higher level of preparation, recognizes student productivity and achievement, and provides a vehicle for students to compete for admission to graduate schools. Students choose and complete the Honors Program through a combina-tion of grade point average (GPA), internship(s), senior portfolio, senior interview, comprehensive examination, and final essay. The Honors Program is available in the Counseling & Human Services, Psychology, and Sociology with Social Work Specializa-tion programs. Notation of the Honors Program appears on the graduate’s academic transcript. See a faculty advisor for the policies, requirements, and procedures of the Honors Program.