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RDP.BBAAC - BBA Accounting (residential)

Program Code


Program Title

BBA Accounting

Program Description

The B.B.A. degree program in Accounting prepares students to glorify God through Christ-centered leadership and vocational excellence in accounting professions. It is designed to provide a solid background in business fundamentals, followed by an in-depth study and application of accounting practices and concepts. Students prepare for a variety of roles in high-demand fields that spans every area of commerce. The B.B.A. in Accounting also provides a solid foundation for considering the certified public accountants exam (CPA).

Modality. Point University offers the B.B.A. in Accounting in on-ground format at its main campus in West Point, Georgia. An online "course companion" includes a gradebook and supplementary materials.

Learning Outcomes

Program Purpose and Student Learning Objectives

Purpose. The purpose of the B.B.A. degree program in Accounting is to prepare students to glorify God through Christ-centered leadership and vocational excellence in account-ing professions.

The Accounting Major builds on Point University’s mission, values, and Core Curriculum (General Studies and Character Formation) to accomplish the following student learning objectives:

Objective 1:   Utilize written and oral communication in a business environment with an emphasis on effective interpersonal skills.

Objective 2:  Demonstrate competence in the business core including management, marketing, business law, and ethics.

Objective 3:  Prepare and analyze financial statements and managerial reports using various accounting standards, theories and techniques.

Objective 4:  Evaluate and perform all steps in the financial accounting cycle for profit-oriented businesses using the guidelines as prescribed by Generally Accept-ed Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Objective 5:   Use technology to solve accounting problems and improve decision making skills.

Objective 6:  Identify the ethical and social responsibilities of accounting professionals and apply professional judgment to present financial statements fairly.

Recommended Course Sequence

Recommended Course Sequence. A recommended course sequence for full-time on-ground students appears below. Academic advisors will help students adjust the sequence if, for example, they have transferred credits from other universities.

Recommended Course Sequence for B.B.A. in Accounting


BBS 102 The Drama of Scripture (3)

MGM 209 Computer Information Systems (3)

EFT 101 Effective Thinking (1)

ENG 101 Critical Reading & Writing I (3)+

ENG 102 Critical Reading & Writing II (3)+

HIS ___ History core elective (3)

MTH 120 College Algebra [or higher] (3)

NSC _/_L Natural Science course w/Lab (4)

PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology (3)

SOC ___ Sociology core selection (3)

General Elective (3)



BBS 202 Jesus: The Focus of Scripture (3)

MGM 203 Business Analytics (3)

ACT 211 Financial Accounting (3)++

ACT 212 Managerial Accounting (3)++

MGM 225 Principles of Management (3)

MGM 238 Business Communication (3) [WE]

MKT 247 Principles of Marketing (3)

COM 205 Public Speaking (3)

HFA core selections 1-2 (6)







BBS 304 Scripture: Reading & Interpretation (3)

BBS ___ Biblical Studies elective (3)

ACT 311 Intermediate Accounting I (3)++

ACT 312 Intermediate Accounting II (3)++

MGM 320 Principles of Microeconomics (3)

MGM 321 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

ACT 332 Accounting Information Systems (3)

ACT 336 Principles of Finance (3)

MGM___ Business elective [300/400 level] (3)

General Elective (1)



 +Take these courses in consecutive terms

++Consecutive terms recommended


BUS 313 Intermediate Accounting III (3)++

ACT 364 Income Tax Accounting (3)

ACT 405 Cost Accounting (3)

MGM 426 International Business (3)

MGM 434 Business Law (3)

MGM 436 Professional Ethics (3) [WE]

ACT 446 Auditing (3)

MGM 465 Strategic Management & Planning (3)

MGM 497 Business Internship (3)

THE 405 Christ, Culture & Career (3) [WE]